Old Swedes (Wilmington, DE)

Being the oldest Swedish church in the United States, and “the oldest church in the country standing as originally built and still in use as a house of worship”¹, Old Swedes, also known as Holy Trinity, in Wilmington, Delaware has a long, rich history that extends far beyond the walls of the church itself.

As with many churches of its era, Old Swedes also consists of a cemetery with burials going back as far as 1638 when Delaware was still a colony and the American Revolution was many years away.

Burials took place, and continue to take place, on the grounds surrounding this majestic church and previously, priests and their families had also been buried underneath the church itself.

As much as the neighborhood around the church has changed, miraculously, the church and its graveyard have been kept in very good condition. Many headstones still remain, albeit a majority of them have also been lost over time.

Regardless, stepping through the gates of Old Swedes is much like taking a trip back into the past. The natural beauty of the area complements the historical elements of the church and its burial grounds. Truly, Old Swedes is a remarkable area, and is an important part of colonial American history.

Address: 606 Church Street Wilmington, Delaware
For More Information: oldswedes.org


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