Mount Moriah (Philadelphia, PA)

Split between Philadelphia and Delaware Counties in Eastern Pennsylvania, this beautiful, sprawling Victorian Cemetery is home to 85,000+ permanent residents over 380 acres.

Suffering from years of neglect, Mount Moriah is currently in the process of being rehabilitated to it’s former glory from a dilapidated state, yet much of Mount Moriah still is hidden within thick brush, waiting to be uncovered.

Since the early 2000s, Mount Moriah has lacked an owner, and the issue is currently in the court systems, where a resolution to this issue is being figured out. Regardless, volunteers come to the cemetery on a regular basis to work on making improvements, but there is much work still left to be done. This, of course, adds to the cemetery’s mystique and makes it truly a unique place to visit.

Address: Kingsessing Ave/62nd Philadelphia, PA and Cobbs Creek Parkway Yeadon, PA
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