Most Holy Redeemer (Philadelphia, PA)

Nestled in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia, Most Holy Redeemer dates back to the late 1800s when a new Catholic cemetery was needed to serve the needs of the growing German Catholic population of the Northeast part of the city.

The 20 acres that the cemetery consists of has seen a significant amount of change since its gates opened in the 1880s. Not only does a major expressway run right behind Most Holy Redeemer, but yet several city streets also run right through the cemetery. Originally, the latter was not the case, but then as streets were added to the neighborhood, the city of Philadelphia confiscated the necessary land to complete said streets, as can be seen on the map below:

Map of Holy Redeemer (Philly)

Map of Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Philly)

As much in Philadelphia has changed, Bridesburg, in several ways, has stayed relatively the same. The neighborhood is still very much a blue-collar, working-class area, and moreover, much of the population still have Eastern/Central European Catholic roots.

Concerning Most Holy Redeemer, many graves, both old and new, are in German or Polish, which is a reflection of the area in which it lies. The cemetery itself is timeless, as one can walk within its gates and be taken back to a different, more simplistic place in time, forgetting that they are in the City of Philadelphia altogether.

Address: 4268 Richmond St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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