Haddonfield Baptist (Haddonfield, NJ)

Nestled along Kings Highway in historic Haddonfield, New Jersey, this cemetery traces its roots back to 1818, when the Haddonfield Baptist Church bought a parcel of land to use as a final resting place for its members. Influenced by the Quaker traditions that existed in the area, many of the early graves in the cemetery were not marked.

As time has progressed, the Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery has grown significantly in size and it now welcomes a wide variety of burials. On the land in which the cemetery is located, two former churches have also stood during different periods of time. Both churches were torn down by the mid 1800s and were soon replaced by the current memorial chapel, which is located off Kings Highway by the cemetery’s main entrance.

This cemetery is known not just for its rich history, but also for its place among nature. Many trees and even a large pond line part of the cemetery’s borders and allows its permanent residents to truly rest in peace.

Address: 402 Kings Highway E. Haddonfield, New Jersey
For More Information: firstbaptisthaddonfield.org


One thought on “Haddonfield Baptist (Haddonfield, NJ)

  1. Really cool pictures. It’s great to see that the cemetery and chapel are so well taken care of. There’s a historic cemetery in my hometown, and sadly enough, I cannot say the same thing about it.


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